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We have partnered with Next Generation Estate Planning who are available to support you in securing yours and your families’ future. They help to put you in control of your future so that you can focus on what really matters, your family.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the name given to the process of reviewing what assets you own (your ‘estate’) and deciding where you would like these assets to go, should you pass away. It can also involve planning for things such as inheritance tax, making sure your assets don’t go to the wrong people and ensuring your loved ones still have a roof over their head, upon your passing.

69% of people don’t have a will and
82% don’t have a lasting power of attorney

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It’s important to consider what you would want to happen to your estate if you were to pass away.

Did you know that if you passed away without a will, you would have died intestate? This means that what is already a difficult time for your family will become even harder.

You will risk leaving your estate in the wrong hands as your assets will need to be distributed according to certain rules. As well as providing an effective means of planning for inheritance tax, making a legal will allows you to decide what you would want to happen with your estate.

To find out what would happen to your estate if you were to die without a valid will, click here to follow a link to the Government website.



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